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Name: Natasha
Age: 22
Height: 5ft 6inch
Weight: 112
Bust: 0
Hair: Blonde
Languages: English



Hi there! I am Natasha, 22 years old, and I am a proud blonde. Men usually like blonde women because they find us hot and seductive at the same time. There are events where you will be required to bring along a date, and it is hard to find a girl that will be suited to your standards, but I can help. When you stumble upon me, you will find me properly groomed, and I was trained to be a high profile escort to businessmen and ordinary men for different occasions and social affairs. I am not just properly groomed, but I am also well-trained. Anyone will set eyes on me once we arrive at a place because of my stylish looks and exciting personality. I enjoy dressing up to perfection, so you will not be embarrassed by me. Instead you will be admired and envied by a lot of men. I know how to act in different kinds of situations, so when you speak with me, you too will be amazed because I actually do not sound like an escort. Do you know that men can make other men envious because of me? The smartness and charm I have is very much different from other girls. I will stand out at the party with you since you will find me very elegant and classy. Do you know that some men who have hired me for business gatherings often get more closed deals than those who are alone? It is because I look impressive and very confident with my partner. You should try to hire me so that you will be able to impress your colleagues and business associates too.